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Arches National Park

Arches National Park has a lot of arches and the lowest elevation point is the v isitor center.  The v isitor c enter  is  4,085 feet above sea level and the highest  elevation is in  Elephant Butte which is  5,653 feet above sea level. Arches National Park was made in 1971 that was about 50 years ago. If you go there right now you will see arches forming. They even put boards to tell how they form. Here are some  pictures we took.

Death Valley National Park

 I am going to talk about Death Valley National Park.Death Valley is the hottest place in America. It even has a place named Bad Water Basin, the lowest place for sea level in the world. Death Valley's temperatures can be 134 degrees fahrenheit or 56.7 degrees celsius. Death Valley has a lot of mountains. I went to Death Valley 2 times, once when I was 2 and once when I was 6. Here is some of my pictures we took.