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Petaluma Pumpkin Patch

     On Sunday 10/17/21 we went to the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch. The ride was a little more than an hour. On the way, we crossed many towns. Me and my sister admired the fields out while we drove. Also we we dug in the snack bag and munched on the snacks. Before we reached the snack bag was empty.      But still on reaching there, we were hungry. So we went to a restaurant and ate. After eating it was time to start out outdoor adventure. We waited in a long line to buy tickets to entry the tricky corn maze. We bought a map so we could find our way out. Check out the picture below of the gigantic corn maze.      Our mind was blown to how difficult the corn maze was? We got lost few times but did not hit  a dead end. There were 2 stops in the middle that gave us  a view of the ginormous corn maze from a high raised platform. There maze was full with fresh corn plants and corn but we didn't pick any. we followed the map and I ran many times in the maze. My sister and me chased each othe