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Space Needle

When we went to spring break one of the places we went was space needle when it was mine and my twin sister's birthday. We first arrived at our hotel in downtown Seattle and checked in. We then started a walk in downtown Seattle when we saw Amazon Go. My uncle works at Amazon and we checked out the store. Here is a  video I made when we were there After getting our sweet treat we started walking to Space Needle. When we arrived we bought a ticket but we had some time so we took photos and then the time was 2:54 and that means my twin sister was borned that time. When we were crossing the road it was 2:57 and that was the time I was borned. After that we arrived to the restaurant under Space Needle. After a delicious meal we went on the elevator to the top of Space Needle. When we were up there we saw a astonishing view. We took photos and then somebody was hosting an Earth Day activity because it was Earth Day. We also told her about our birthday so we took a picture with her. Then